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post autonomia and what it means for you

This Saturday the post autonomia conference brought its four days to a closing with a panel lecture-discussion in an outdoor garden hosted by the living rooms at Goleb deep in Amsterdam west.  The concepts of precarity, hospitality and common(s) were gently woven together with the sound of birds, stuffed courgettes and bonfire.

The three speakers who presented papers, Etzel Griffion, Jos Scheren and Merijn Oudenampsen did a wonderful job eloquently describing these phenomena which- in spite of their daunting appearance – are very relevant to a growing numbers of everyone(s) throughout the world.

The presentations of Eztel’s etymological research of the word commons, or “meen” in dutch, the elocution of Merijn’s experiential precariousness and the concern that today’s western society is living in a perpetual state of precarity of which they’re not conscious, and finally Jos’s call to arms to bring academics out of the institutions and into the streets through the realization of activity which affect their participants.  The discussion which followed confirmed what each of these interlocutors described in many more words:

We lack the discourse to explain what we’re doing. How can people understand life through a sense of precarity if they have no word to describe it?

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Livingroom(s) ♥ the West Side

a collective entity

Leaning heavily on the concept parasitic activity to underline the precarious existence of the Livingroom(s), we are nearing the moment of public activity!
One year since the conception of the idea to create a modular space in Bos en Lommer, the Livingroom(s) is about to open its doors!

Throughout this year, many plans have been made, adjusted and readjusted according to the limitations of our surroundings and our stubbornness to remain true to our neighborhood and the illusion of “the local”.

The Livingroom(s) is not a modular space- adapting to host a variety of activities; but a variety of activities adapting to the diverse spaces offered to us by sympathetic property owners, shop owners, squatters, buurtcentrums, and artists: like-minded people with a burning desire to see the cohesion of the neighborhood grow.
Together we can critically examine our surroundings, create new relationships with our neighbors, and revel in the knowledge of each others perspective.

What our door bell will look like!

Of course we’re not the only ones
there will be more to come.